Best Places to Eat Tapas in Spain (Insider Advice Guide)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

The Spanish cuisine is as much a cultural activity as it is a style of eating. Tapas is a great Spanish dish with variety of tasty food such as pickles on cocktail sticks, homely omelettes, cheeses and hams, baby earthenware casseroles with sizzling hot dishes and elegant mayonnaise-topped mouthfuls.

Tapas is originated as a free bar snack, which has evolved and can be found on most of the menus across the many tourist and metropolitan cities of the country.

Travelers may find numerous tapas restaurants and tapas bars in all the cities of Spain. Eating Tapas in your Spain visit is definitely one of the best things to do in Spain.

Best Places to Eat Tapas in Spain


If you are on a city break to Barcelona, the Sensi Tapas is a great place to try tapas in Barcelona. Located just a few streets from the Harlem Jazz Club and Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy, it is a perfect place for some appetisers. As soon as you step inside, you’ll see the traditionally Spanish decor and the smells coming from the kitchen. Make sure you try the famous seafood paella, truffle ravioli or the sea bass fillet.


If you are in a holiday to Tenerife, we highly recommend you to have night at Toro Tapas & Grill. Here you can watch the sunset over the ocean while tucking into fried squid with aioli, chopitos fritos or risotto.


If you are in a beach holiday in Ibiza, you can try the Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar, which is one of the best places to try tapas on the island. Located just a short walk from San Antonio beach, this place is a great spot to share a couple of dishes with your friends; they serve something for everyone with hearty salads, juicy king prawns and deep fried brie on the menu.


If you are in a beach holiday in Benidorm in Costa Blanca, on the east coast of Spain, you’ll find many great places that combines street food and tapas. And we recommend the Margem Restobar. If you are vegan or gluten-free, than you’ll also find loads of tasty treats here including vegan brochette, aka a vegetable kebab.