How to Get to Formentera? (Transport Options from Majorca, Ibiza)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Here you can find information on all means of transport that will bring you to Formentera: options by plane, boat, from Ibiza and Majorca. Formentera is the smallest inhabited island in the Balearic archipelago, located about 12 miles from Ibiza, on the south and on the east from the Spain mainland.

The island of Formentera does not have an airport and so the island is only accessible by sea. It takes 25 minutes to sail between the port of Ibiza and La Savina.

The distance between the ports of Ibiza and La Savina (Formentera) is about 12 nautical miles. It takes about 25 minutes to sail between the port of Ibiza and La Savina (Formentera).

So, to get to Formentera, holidaymakers should travel to Ibiza first.

Getting to Formentera via Ibiza

For getting to Ibiza by air, holidaymakers can find variety of direct flights from the main capital cities of Europe.

For getting to Ibiza by sea, there are boats operating to Ibiza from Valencia, Denia and Barcelona.

Boat companies covering the route to the island from the peninsula and from Ibiza include;

  • Acciona Transmediterránea; 902 45 46 45;
  • Balearia; 902 160 180 – 971 312 071;
  • Iscomar; 902 119 128;
  • Mediterránea – Pitiusa; 971 322 443;

Holidaymakers may get around the island on public transport or use private transport or hire a vehicle. There is a wide range of makes, models and types of vehicle.

To enjoy the island and holidays in the company of nature, using a bicycle is highly recommended.

Camping is not allowed on the island.