Sailing towards Nature: Discovering Tenerife’s Marine Life on a Catamaran

Are you a fan of whales and want to enjoy a different experience in your life? It’s time for you to take a look at the whales of Tenerife through a catamaran.

With Freebirdone you will have one of the most important excursions of all the old continent at a reasonable price. For more than three hours you will be on the coast watching how these beautiful animals move aboard a special boat.

Get comfortable and discover how to delight yourself with whale watching in Tenerife. Are you ready?

Why should you enjoy whale watching in Tenerife?

Whales are one of the most impressive animals in the entire world. Their great size imposes respect to the bravest, but that does not mean that it is not a spectacle to see them from anywhere in the world.

The good news is that in Tenerife, there are areas of the ocean where we can see whales from so close that you will feel like you are right next to them.

Freebirdone is a company specialized in excursions that takes you to the most emblematic places to see dolphins, whales and much more.

Their whale and dolphin watching excursions in Tenerife are conducted by a crew with many years of experience, transportation to and from the hotel and a specialized tour guide.

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Would you like to see what the dynamics have to offer?

Details of excursions in Tenerife

The company offers you a lot of boat trips in Tenerife to delight you with the Mediterranean Sea, connect with nature and see dolphins in their natural habitat to learn how they behave in special moments.

Get comfortable and discover it below:

Excursion in Costa Adeje

It is a unique experience of more than three hours that departs daily from the Port of Colon, in Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

The company uses several catamarans that sail offshore in search of whales and dolphins throughout the area of Adeje. You will have a specialized guide who will notify you about the characteristics of each of the species so you can learn about their natural habitat.

Once you see your favorite animals, you can relax for several hours sunbathing in a spectacular setting.

The program lasts three hours, you will have English and Spanish translators, you will be picked up at the hotel and provided with a sandwich to your heart’s content.

Excursion in Masca

The excursion in Masca is a very similar plan to the one in Costa Adeje, with the difference that you will marvel at the animals, the cliffs of Los Gigantes and the beautiful beaches of Masca.

For four and a half hours you will sail through a large part of the Mediterranean Sea where you will be able to admire the beautiful beaches of Barranco de Masca after watching the behavior of dolphins and whales.

Unlike the previous plan, this one lasts an additional 90 minutes, is only in Spanish and offers a full lunch to recover your energy.

Excursion in Masca Norte

The beaches of Masca Norte dress up to observe one of the greatest spectacles anyone can see: the appearance of whales and dolphins.

In this case, the specialized staff will pick us up at the hotel and go to Puerto Colon to take the catamaran that will take us to the coast of Los Gigantes and Barranco de Masca. This is the ideal area to appreciate the dynamics of whales and dolphins during the whole day.

It will be a 4 and a half hour plan and lunch is included, so you will only have to worry about enjoying every minute of the ride.

What are you waiting to go?

Advantages of whale watching with Freebirdone

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing whales and dolphins in the open sea, it’s time to take a look at the plans that Freebirdone has for you. Get comfortable and discover some advantages:

Whales and dolphins in their natural habitat

The first thing is that you will see the whales and dolphins in a 100% natural habitat. It is true that nowadays there are many water parks that offer dynamics with these animals, but they adopt the species and adapt them to a new habitat.

What does it mean? They are no longer free, so you will not observe their natural behavior. However, Freebirdone you will not alter anything in nature, so you will learn in depth everything about one of the most admired animals in the whole world.

Free lunch and beverages

And you can’t go under the table. Such a long excursion must give you the minimum tools to enjoy yourself, and that is where the free lunches and drinks come into play.

Yes, the first plan only gives you a sandwich, but it is something minimal that will serve to complement your diet while you enjoy a unique experience.

The idea is to optimize your initial investment as much as possible, but the good news is that the company is thinking of you at all times.

Are you ready for whale watching in Tenerife? Get comfortable and schedule an excursion to delight you like never before.

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