SALAMANCA – Practical City & Travel Guide to Salamanca + Local Advice

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Salamanca is a world Heritage City and one the most beautiful cities and university town in Spain. Salamanca is situated on the western part of Spain, neighbouring Portugal.

Visitors may find variety of great things to do in Salamanca.

The world Heritage City of Salamanca offers great beauties to its visitors with its sandstone buildings. Salamanca is famous for its being a university town, one of Europe’s first (the university was founded nearly eight centuries ago) and still one of its liveliest.

Since the Middle Ages, Spanish university students have had a reputation for being a mischievous, rambunctious lot, and some of this freewheeling spirit has rubbed off on their town. Salamanca is the best city to practice Spanish in Spain.

Salamanca’s literary heroes are not knights or kings, but the procuress and the confidence trickster portrayed in La Celestina and Lazarillo de Tormes, two 16th-century classics set in Salamanca.

The Plaza Mayor is the main square and it is one of the finest squares in Spain. Plaza Mayor is a gathering place for residents and students alike, where the human landscape is even more interesting than the surrounding architectural gems and where you are likely to hear Spanish spoken with more accents than you ever imagined existed, for this is a city to which foreign students come in their thousands to polish their “castellano”.

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