Playa del Ingles Holidays & Travel Guide – Top Things to Do & See + Insider Advice

Playa del Ingles is a worldwide famous and the largest seaside resort located on the southern coast of Gran Canaria. Playa del Ingles is also one of the best holiday resorts in Spain. Holidaymakers may find all kinds of entertainment and things to do in Playa del Ingles.

Playa del Ingles offers excellent beach holidays and services such as shopping malls, restaurants, shows, fun-fair, aqua park and nightlife.

The resort successfully manages to maintain an equilibrium between its built up area and beach capacity of the actual Playa del Ingles beach. The preponderance of bungalows and two-storey houses over high-rise buildings, together with the abundance of landscaped areas, lend this holiday town a peaceful place and relaxed air.

There is wide range of accommodation available at the resort and covers all manner of tourist establishments, from quiet small-sized holiday-home complexes to luxury hotels complete with all possible services.

The residential area of Playa del Ingles situated parallel to the Playa del Ingles beach that stretches for about 3 km. lengthwise and about 2 km. inland at its widest point and ends just where other popular holiday resort Maspalomas begins. Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas are really just two sides of one and the same beach.

From any point on the seaside promenade running from one end of the Playa del Ingles to the other end, holidaymakers may contemplate the immensity of the dunes that are particularly stunning at dusk.

The Dunes of Maspalomas (Dunas de Maspalomas) is a natural formation situated on the west side of Playa de Ingles and is one of the most popular attractions with its spectacular sandy peaks of 4,5 square km. sand desert. A must see.

The best point to enjoy the are is the belvedere that stands at the end of the Avenida de Tirajana.

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