Eating Out in Ibiza: Gastronomy, Best Places, What to Eat? Dishes

With a rich culinary tradition, Ibiza boasts some of the best dining experiences in the Mediterranean. From fresh seafood to traditional Spanish dishes and international cuisine, there is something for everyone in Ibiza. Here you can read our insider guide for best eating out & dining opportunities in Ibiza, including best restaurants, outdoor cafes, gastronomy and cuisine.

Traditional Spanish cuisine and fresh caught fish is the most popular treats of the island. Holidaymakers may also find all other famous cuisines of the world at the quality Ibiza restaurants in every holiday resorts in Ibiza.

Gastronomy & Top Dishes

Ibiza’s gastronomy is a mix of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and modern fusion dishes. The island’s fertile soil and temperate climate make it an ideal place for growing fresh vegetables and fruits, and its location on the Mediterranean Sea means that seafood is a staple in many dishes. The island is also known for its olive oil, which is used in many traditional dishes.

One of the most famous dishes in Ibiza is the bullit de peix, a fish stew made with local fish, potatoes, and vegetables. Another traditional dish is the sofrit pagès, a hearty stew made with chicken, pork, and potatoes. Seafood lovers will also enjoy the arroz a la marinera, a flavorful seafood paella.

Typical meat dishes such as the “arroz de matanzas” (rice with pork), the “fria de porc” (pork, peppers, potatoes, onions) or the “sofrit pages” (fried lamb, chicken, pork, potatoes and peppers) are also very popular in Ibiza.

The pastries in Ibiza are also worth a taste. The tart made out of goats’ and sheeps’ cheese and mint or a pudding of ensaimadas, milk and eggs known as “greixonera” are very popular. The typical “orelletes” (small ear shaped pastries) are also very common.

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As for local wines; Sa Cova, in Sant Mateu d’Aubarca is the best wine merchant in Ibiza. The Can Rich wine cellar in Buscatell and the Totem Wines vineyard in Sant Josep is also popular.

Best Areas and Places to Eat

When it comes to dining out in Ibiza, there are many options to choose from. One of the best areas to find great restaurants is the marina in Ibiza Town, where you can enjoy fresh seafood while watching the boats come and go.

The area of San Antonio is also popular for its many beachside restaurants and bars. For a more traditional dining experience, head to the charming town of Santa Gertrudis, where you can find local restaurants serving up traditional dishes.

Some of the best places to eat in Ibiza include Can Pujol, a family-owned restaurant in San Antonio known for its seafood dishes, and La Paloma, a farm-to-table restaurant in San Lorenzo that serves up Mediterranean-inspired dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

What to Eat

In addition to the traditional dishes mentioned above, there are many other foods to try in Ibiza. One of the island’s specialties is sobrasada, a cured pork sausage that is often served with bread or in dishes like the popular dish, huevos rotos. Ibiza is also known for its artisanal cheeses, including the famous goat cheese, or formatge de cabra.

If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to try the flaó, a traditional dessert made with goat cheese, aniseed, and mint. Or, for a refreshing treat, try the hierbas ibicencas, a local liqueur made with herbs and served as an after-dinner drink.

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