Best Cities for Family Travel in Spain

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Visit These Family-Friendly Cities In Spain For The Holidays

With its culture, history, scenery and amazing food, it’s no surprise that Spain is a top destination among families who are looking for the ultimate holiday destination. Last year, over 82 million tourists visited the country, and despite the emerging popularity of other destinations, there was a rise in tourist arrivals in Spain, particularly in December, which is the tail end of the holiday season.

If you’re looking to spend the holidays in the country with your loved ones, try going to some of the best cities in this European country. You’ll discover a lot of attractions and must-see destinations as you celebrate the festive season in Spain. Here are some of the most family-friendly cities to visit in Spain for the holidays.

Fun in Barcelona

Barcelona is a lot of fun for families, and whether you’re travelling with a baby, school-age kids or teenagers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss Park Guell, which is a park that features buildings, tile work and sculptures by Antoni Gaudi.

Those who love Gaudi’s work can pay homage to the artist at a mini museum which is right inside the park. Children from 0 to 6 years are free of charge, so as long as you’re fully prepared, don’t hesitate to bring your baby to this destination.

You should also visit L’Aquarium Barcelona, which houses Europe’s largest sea tunnel. Here, you can marvel at various species of sea life, such as stingrays, sharks and moonfish. L’Aquarium is open all year round, and entrance fees range from €8.00 to €21.00, depending on the child’s age.

Meanwhile, Las Rambla, which is Barcelona’s world-famous promenade, has street performers, shops, cafes and restaurants, and it’s sure to be a hit among tweens and teens.

Amazing Madrid

Madrid is a child-friendly city, and it’s a place that seems to have been made with families in mind. If your family loves Disneyland, then plan on spending a day at Parque Warner – it’s a theme park that has lots of water rides, roller coasters and attractions for kids.

You should also visit Buen Retiro Park for some active fun as you can rent bicycles and go on a rowboat ride with your loved ones.

Plan on going on a Sunday to see street performers and buy souvenirs from vendors. Afterwards, head to Rastro, which is the city’s famous Sunday flea market. Here, you can find art works, clothing, jewellery, and all sorts of antiques.

It’s also where you can go to places that serve the best paella and tapas, so this is where you should take your child if he or she is an adventurous eater.

Fun in the sun in Valencia

Valencia is a paradise for beach lovers, and it’s easy to spend several days in this city if your family loves being outdoors in the sunshine. You can spend an afternoon at Patacona Beach, which has a playground, restaurants and cafes. However, there are more places to visit apart from the beach.

You can go to the Science Museum, which features interactive exhibits for children, and they can participate in activities and workshops that are held in “classrooms.” Tickets range from €6.20 to €24.20, depending on the types of activities that you want to do.

Next, visit the Hemisferic, a futuristic building which houses an IMAX theatre. It often screens lots of kid-friendly movies, such as Walking With Dinosaurs and Backyard Wilderness, so it’s perfect as a rainy day activity.

If the weather is nice, get your kids outside the Hemisferic so they can try water walking, an activity wherein they can walk or roll around in water while inside a huge plastic ball.

Spain has a lot to offer families who are looking for unique adventures. Try visiting any of these cities during the holiday season for an unforgettable time with your loved ones.

Author: Jane McDonald