Weights and Measures, Clothes and Shoe Size Charts for Spain, EU

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Here you can find useful information and guide on the weights, measures, clothes, shoe size charts for Spain and Europe, including Metric-English, Celcius-Fahrenheit and Clothes-Shoe Size conversion charts for European countries, when compared to US, UK, MX, JP and AU.

When you are visiting any region in Spain and EU, you should keep in mind a bit about the system of the measurement, weights, temperature, clothing and shoe sizing as you’ll definitely need to know when you are coming from UK or US.

Weights and Measures

The system of measurement common in Spain is the EU metric system, which is common for all European countries. Temperatures are expressed in degrees Centigrade in Europe and Spain.

For the ones traveling from the UK, JP, AU, MX or US can have troubles with these units so we put together some useful conversion charts and tables.

Metric system Conversion Tables

See below the conversion tables for the most common weights and measures:

Temperatures Conversion Tables

See below the Celcius to Fahrenheit conversion tables:

Clothes and Shoe Size Charts

Majority of the brands in Spain do follow the EU size charts. Below you can see the European Clothing Sizes and their equivalents for US, UK, MX, JP and AU.

Clothes Size Conversion Chart

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Shoe Size Conversion Chart