Medina Azahara in Cordoba: What to See + Tickets + Tips

Medina Azahara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Cordoba, Spain. It is a 10th century palace situated on an area of 112 hectares, an archaeological site that was once the capital of the Islamic Caliphate of Cordoba. Here you can read our guide and find visitor information on Medina Azahara in Cordoba, including what to see and expect from your visit, facts, history how to get, visiting hours, admissions.

Top Facts about Medina Azahara

A a visit to Medina Azahara is a must-see for anyone interested in history, art, or architecture. The site offers a unique and unforgettable window into the cultural heritage of Cordoba and Spain, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors. It is one of the top 10 historical sites in Spain. Here are some top facts and a quick history of Medina Azahara.

  1. Medina Azahara was built in the 10th century by Abd al-Rahman III, who was the first caliph of Cordoba.
  2. The site covers an area of 112 hectares and includes the ruins of palaces, gardens, and administrative buildings.
  3. Medina Azahara was named after the caliph’s favorite wife, Azahara, and translates to “the shining city”.
  4. The ruins of Medina Azahara include the Alcazar, the Hall of the Abencerrajes, and the Court of the Lions, which are examples of the intricate Islamic architecture of the time.
  5. Medina Azahara was abandoned and fell into ruin after the fall of the Caliphate of Cordoba in the 11th century.

Quick History of Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara was built in the 10th century by the first caliph of Cordoba, Abd al-Rahman III, who wanted to create a grand capital to rival the great cities of Baghdad and Constantinople. The city was constructed over a period of several decades and was the seat of the Caliphate of Cordoba.

The city was constructed on a hilltop overlooking the Guadalquivir River and was designed to impress visitors with its grandeur and beauty. It featured stunning examples of Islamic architecture, including ornate tile work, intricate carvings, and beautiful gardens.

Medina Azahara was a center of culture and learning, and it attracted scholars and artists from across the Islamic world. It was also a center of trade and commerce, with merchants traveling from far and wide to do business in the bustling city.

However, the city’s prosperity was short-lived. After the fall of the Caliphate of Cordoba in the 11th century, Medina Azahara was abandoned and fell into ruin. The city was gradually forgotten and was rediscovered only in the 20th century by archaeologists and historians.

Today, the ruins of Medina Azahara are a testament to the grandeur and beauty of Islamic architecture and a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the region. The site is open to visitors, who can explore the ruins and learn about the history of this once-great city.

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What to See?

Medina Azahara, also known as the “Shining City,” is a unique archaeological site in Cordoba, Spain, that dates back to the 10th century.

The site was once a thriving palace-city built by the first Caliph of Cordoba, and is now a popular tourist attraction that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. Here is a list of things to see at Medina Azahara, both on the exterior and interior:



Visitors to Medina Azahara can enter through the imposing Alcázar, which was once the palace of the Caliph. The entrance provides a stunning view of the surrounding countryside and sets the stage for the rest of the visit.


The Alcázar is a stunning example of Islamic architecture and design, and is known for its intricate tile work and impressive arches. Visitors can explore the various rooms and courtyards of the palace and admire the beautiful decoration.


The gardens at Medina Azahara are a peaceful and relaxing space that offer stunning views of the palace and the surrounding hills. The gardens are known for their fountains, pools, and terraces, and are a great place to take a break and enjoy the scenery.


Court of the Lions

The Court of the Lions is one of the most famous parts of Medina Azahara, and is known for its impressive lion statues and intricate tile work. The courtyard is a great place to see the fusion of Islamic and Christian influences in the palace’s design.

Caliph’s Chambers

The Caliph’s Chambers were once the private residence of the Caliph and are now one of the most popular parts of Medina Azahara. Visitors can see the impressive architecture and decoration, including the intricate stucco work and beautiful arches.


The museum at Medina Azahara provides a deeper understanding of the site’s history and significance. Visitors can see a range of artifacts and exhibits, including pottery, coins, and tools, that offer a unique window into life in the palace-city.

Visiting Information

Here is some useful visiting information to help plan your visit:


It is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance, especially during the high season. Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the ticket office at the site.

As for admission, there is a small entrance fee to visit Medina Azahara, which can be purchased online or in person at the ticket office. Admission fees can vary depending on age and whether you choose to purchase an audio guide or guided tour. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line and to ensure availability, especially during the high season. It is also important to note that some types of admission, such as the guided tour, may require booking in advance.

Opening Hours

The opening hours of Medina Azahara can vary depending on the season. During the summer months (May to September), the site is open from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, while during the winter months (October to April), the site is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is recommended to check the official website for the most up-to-date opening hours before planning your visit.

Entrance times

Visitors can enter Medina Azahara during the designated opening hours. It is recommended to arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds and to allow for ample time to explore the site.


There are restrooms and a small gift shop located at the site, but it is recommended to bring water and snacks as there are no restaurants or cafes on site.

Dress code

Visitors are advised to dress appropriately for the weather and to wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved.


Photography is allowed throughout Medina Azahara, but the use of flash is prohibited inside the buildings.


Medina Azahara is wheelchair accessible, with some areas having ramps and elevators available. It is recommended to contact the ticket office in advance for more information on accessibility options.

Medina Azahara Visiting Tips

Here are some visiting tips to help make the most of your experience:

  1. Purchase tickets in advance: Like the Alhambra Palace, Medina Azahara is a popular tourist destination, and tickets tend to sell out quickly, especially during the high season. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance, either online or in person at the Medina Azahara ticket office.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes: Medina Azahara is a large site with a lot of walking involved, so it is important to wear comfortable shoes.
  3. Bring a water bottle: The site can get very hot during the summer months, and there are limited water sources available on-site. It is important to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during your visit.
  4. Visit the on-site museum: The museum located on the site provides valuable information about the history and significance of Medina Azahara. It is recommended to visit the museum before exploring the site to gain a better understanding of the area.
  5. Take a guided tour: To fully appreciate the history and significance of Medina Azahara, it is recommended to take a guided tour. A guide can provide a deeper understanding of the site and point out important details that might be missed otherwise.
  6. Bring sunscreen and a hat: Since the site is located in an open area, it is important to protect yourself from the sun. Bringing sunscreen and a hat can help you stay cool and protected during your visit.
  7. Respect the site: Medina Azahara is an important archaeological site and is protected by law. It is important to respect the site by not touching the walls or structures, and by following all signs and rules.

Guided tours

Guided tours are available in a variety of languages, and offer a more in-depth and informative experience. Audio guides are also available for rent, which provide detailed information about the history and significance of the site.

Why Buy Guided Tour?

There are many reasons why purchasing a guided tour for Medina Azahara is a good idea. Here are a few:

  1. Better understanding of the history and significance of the site: A guided tour allows you to fully appreciate the history and cultural significance of Medina Azahara. The knowledgeable guide can provide insight and details that may be missed otherwise, enhancing your overall experience.
  2. Skip the lines: With a guided tour, you can often skip the long lines at the entrance and avoid the frustration and time spent waiting in line.
  3. No need to navigate on your own: Medina Azahara can be confusing to navigate on your own, with many different areas to explore. A guided tour can help you make the most of your time by directing you to the most important parts of the palace-city and providing information on the historical significance of each area.
  4. Insider tips and information: A good guide can provide insider tips and information that can help you better appreciate Medina Azahara. This can include tips on the best photo opportunities, where to find the best views, and other interesting details that you may not have known otherwise.
  5. Enhanced experience: A guided tour can enhance your experience at Medina Azahara, providing a more meaningful and informative visit that will stay with you for years to come.

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