San Sebastian Antiguo & Igeldo districts (Things to Do & See)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Antiguo and Igeldo districts are the popular districts of San Sebastian and place to visit and see. Antiguo is the district that where the city originally emerged almost ten centuries ago. Both districts are known as “palaces and art on the seafront”. Below you can find top things to do and see at the Antiguo and Igeldo districts of San Sebastian with insider advice.

Antiguo has a beach, a mountain with a retro amusement park, an English-style royal mansion, Miramar Palace and variety of great of shops, hotels and restaurants.

Igeldo has the Mount Igeldo & Amusement Park which is one of the best attractions in San Sebastian.

Top Things to Do & See in Antiguo & Igeldo

Antiguo Tunnel

Going along La Concha’s promenade through the Antiguo tunnel decorated with maritime motifs is like visiting a neighbouring village for locals.

Pico del Loro

A beautiful walkway by the beach.

The Miramar Palace

Miramar Palace is the former summer residence of the Spanish monarch. Now,the Palace is the home of College of Music. Variety of music events are held at the Palace annually. The gardens of the Palace is worth a visit and see.

Matia Street

It is the main street in the district with lively bars and traditional stores and Antiguo’s San Sebastian Church.

Sert Square

A lovely square with palm trees and fountains.


It is the Basque Country’s Higher School of Music.

Zubimusu Park

Zubimusu Park is a charming green area and also serves as a small urban kitchen garden. The park has a pond and a doll dressed in the traditional Basque dancer and performs a colourful dance on the hour.

The Ondorreta Villas

The Ondorreta Villas are a network of streets with cosy residential and holiday villas from the 20th century in Basque, and Rationalist styles and adorned with Portuguese tiles and a neoclassical look.

Ondorreta Beach

Ondarreta beach is a lovely sandy beach of San Sebastian, located in the bay of the La Concha beach. Ondarreta beach is 600 metres long and 100 metres wide. Ondarreta beach has all the necessary services and infrastructures as well as a pool and yacht club for kids. Ondarreta is also the point of departure for swimming the half-kilometre crossing to Santa Clara Island.

Peine del Viento (Wind Comb)

It is main sculptural landmark of the city aituated at the face of Mount Igeldo. Peine del Viento is one of the most popular places to take part in watching the waves on days with rough seas. People wear suitable clothes, take an umbrella and enjoy environment.

The Mount Igeldo & Amusement Park

The Mount Igeldo (Igueldo) is one of the mountains bordering San Sebastian, La Concha Bay, the highest of all of the hills around the bay. Visitors may access to the top via cable car (funicular railway) and enjoy the spectacular views of San Sebastian. Also visitors may see the Attraction Park and enjoy the Roller Coasters Trampolines.

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The wooden Funicular takes the visitors to the summit of Mount Igeldo.