Shopping in San Sebastian: Best Places, Areas + What to Buy?

San Sebastian offers great opportunities for shopping lovers with its great shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for local souvenirs or high-end fashion, there are plenty of options to choose from in San Sebastian. Here you can find our insider guide on shops, stores, shopping malls, department stores, markets, souvenirs and the best districts, area and streets for shopping in San Sebastian Donostia.

Best Places for Shopping in San Sebastian

Shopping in San Sebastian offers a great mix of traditional Basque souvenirs, local food products, and high-end fashion brands. The Old Town, the Centro Comercial San Martín, and the Alameda del Boulevard are all great places to shop in the city, offering a wide range of stores and boutiques.

So whether you’re looking for a unique souvenir, a tasty local treat, or the latest fashion trend, San Sebastian has something for everyone.

Old Town

One of the best places to shop in San Sebastian is the Old Town, also known as Parte Vieja. This area is filled with small boutiques and shops, selling everything from traditional Basque clothing to handmade crafts and souvenirs.

The Old Town also offers a great selection of local food products, such as cheese, wine, and olive oil.

Centro Comercial San Martín

Another popular shopping destination in San Sebastian is the Centro Comercial San Martín. This modern shopping mall is located in the city center and offers a wide range of stores, including high-end fashion brands, home goods, and electronics.

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Alameda del Boulevard

For those who prefer outdoor shopping, the Alameda del Boulevard is a great option. This tree-lined street is home to many shops and boutiques, selling a variety of goods, from clothing to jewelry to home decor.

What to Buy?

One of the best things to buy in San Sebastian is Basque Country souvenirs. From traditional clothing, such as the beret and the txapela, to handmade crafts and ceramics, there are plenty of options to choose from in the Old Town.

Food products are also a great choice, as San Sebastian is known for its local cuisine. Cheese, wine, and olive oil are all popular items to bring home from the city. The Mercado de la Bretxa is a great place to shop for local food products, as it offers a wide range of fresh produce and gourmet food items.

For those who love fashion, San Sebastian has plenty of options to choose from. The Centro Comercial San Martín is a great place to shop for high-end fashion brands, while the Alameda del Boulevard offers a more laid-back shopping experience, with boutiques and stores selling a variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

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