Txakoli Wine in San Sebastian (Donostia) – Best Txakoli Wineries

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

San Sebastian offers great tastes for gastronomy lovers and for the one who are looking a special and local tastes in their touristic visits. Txakoli is one of the great ambassadors of the Basque cuisine. And very famous in San Sebastian.

What is Txakoli Wine?

Txakoli is a white sophisticated wine, fruity wine, a perfect accompaniment for salted anchovies or tuna in oil.

And also, txakoli should be drunk within the year and very cold. It is a suitable accompaniment for any dish, in particular the famous “pintxos” (tapas).

The wineries of Aia, Zarautz and Getaria, the towns in Gipuzkoa produce the most txakoli. A tour of the wineries for travelers would be lovely day out attraction.

Txakoli Wineries in San Sebastian


Address: Itsas-Begi Etxea, 628., Asti Auzoa. ZARAUTZ
T: 943 58 08 99


Address: Talaimendi 728, Apdo 184, ZARAUTZ
T: 943 13 27 50